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Ronnie has been coming to Charlie’s Place for 3 years.  Through hard work and persistence he now has a job working at a local restaurant.  Through one of our donors we were able to supply Ronnie with a bicycle.  He can now get to and from work without hassle.

Ronnie with a bike

Ronnie With Bike


Bryon has been coming to Charlie’s Place for 2 years and recently enrolled in our case management program. Before coming to Charlie’s Place he attended USMC Culinary Training Academy, studied abroad in France, Spain and Japan and worked for Marriott, Sodexho and many other DC restaurants. He was living with a friend before circumstances saw his friend move out of town. It was then that he entered the DC shelter system. A testament to his work ethic, Bryon helps clean up every morning and is especially enthusiastic after “Chicken and Waffle Wednesdays.”

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