Christina Jenkins, Charlie’s Place Chef – Christina joined the Charlie’s Place staff in February, 2017 after volunteering as cook for much of 2016.  Christina has a strong background as a chef for restaurants in DC, as well as experience working with our homeless neighbors in a variety of volunteer positions.  Here Christina (center left) is joined by our wonderful Wednesday volunteer crew.






In late 2014, John Williams (left) and Reggie Cox joined Charlie’s Place as Floor Staff.  John and Reggie have been clients at Charlie’s Place and committed to joining the case management program, where they worked closely with Matt Lang to prepare for employment.  They built their resumes by serving an 8-week unpaid internship working in all aspects of the Charlie’s Place breakfast program and now support both the week-day program and our Saturday Services.  Reg has expanded his role to include assisting Matt in case management.John and Reggie







Barbara Wille, Director of Development
Barbara started in April of 2014 to support the fundraising, communications and volunteer programs at Charlie’s Place.  Barbara has over 30 years of experience in not-for profit administration and has served the health care, education and social service sectors.  She was particularly attracted to Charlie’s Place because of the atmosphere of dignity and mutual respect so present in the program.






Courtney – Liscensed Clinical Nurse Practitioner

One day a week, our Licensed Clinical Nurse Practitioner provides full on-site health screenings, testing, wound care and other health services.  Screenings can be relatively simple, such as blood pressure and heart rate testing, as well as more complicated screeningCourtney3s like HIV testing and counseling.  On-site nursing services make it possible for our clients to begin receiving adequate health care on a regular basis.   Courtney also works with Matt Lang to refer clients to physicians and clinics where they can receive further medical care and treatment.  In 2016, our clients visited Courtney more than 300 times!





Nel Van Beusekom – Former Volunteer Nurse

Our nursing program “Healing Hands” is dedicated in the memory one of our most dedicated and long term volunteers, Nel VanBeusekom.

Nel volunteered as a nurse at Charlie’s Place twice a week for 7 years.  The clients knew her well and loved her.  She was always selfless and honest, making sure the needs of the clients were considered above all.  She was a model of conviction, courage and kindness.

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