Watch our new Charlies Place Film!

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Charlie’s Place from Stone Soup Films on Vimeo.

This film is the result of our recent partnership with Stone Soup Films!

The following people spent close to 4 months working to make this film possible.
Philip Lerman, Producer
Ben Dorger
Adam Glazer
Jay Mallin
Julie Leibee

The producer of the piece, Philip Lerman, had the following kind words to share about his experience working with us:

“When we first met with the Charlie’s Place folks, it was interesting to hear them describe their program. They provide food, they said, but they provide something at least as meaningful: a nurturing environment. A place where homeless people could start their day not just with a cup of coffee and a good meal, but with some kind words, a welcoming smile, some human contact. The stuff that life is made of.

They also were eager to tell us about the various other services they provide – nurses, job counseling, free clothing, even a barber – but I was intrigued by the heart and soul of the place that came through in their conversation. The feeling that they were creating a place with a sense of belonging, of trust, of hope.

I wondered if we could catch that on video.

From the first moments we arrived, it was obvious that what they’d said was true. We felt like we’d walked in on the best neighborhood coffee shop in town – people were laughing, talking, joking, reading the paper, greeting old frinds, getting themselves together to face the day. Others were just taking a deep breath and having a good relaxing meal, just happy to be off the street and somewhere warm and safe and welcoming.

Our approach, from then, was basically to sit back, roll the camera, and let it all unfold before us. The core interviews were easy: Matt and Barbara, the two folks who run the place, were articulate and enthusiastic and fun to talk to. So a lot of what we did was just finding b-roll to match their quotes. We also found a few homeless folks to interview, and then asked if we could go out and see where they sleep, because we thought that contrast would be important to the piece. It turned out to be one of the coldest weeks of DC’s mean winter, and that contrast – sleeping on the dark, cold, lonely streets, then coming to the light, warm, welcoming environment of Charlie’s Place – was what we built the segment around.

In the end, it was a labor of love for all of us. We just enjoyed being at Charlie’s Place, and enjoyed having an excuse to keep coming back.And besides – the food was out of this world.

And besides – the food was out of this world.”